Tornado Victims Able To Receive Donations

Donations have been pouring in for Nebraska tornado victims. Collection centers in the area have been buzzing with activity. The vacant K-mart building, near 56th and Highway-2 has been brought back to life as a disaster response warehouse. Donations are being brought there and the North 27th Street Wal Mart From noon until 7 p.m., tornado-victims can come in and take what they need at no cost. All they have to do is register by filling out some paperwork. They also will need their FEMA number, their social security number or their driver's license number.

For those who can't get into Lincoln, a mobile-trailer, following the same schedule and format, has also been set up next to the fire hall in Cortland, just a few miles from Hallam. An unrelated donation-site has also been set up at the Shepherd of the Hills Church, just outside Hickman.

The American Red Cross has set up two ways for tornado-victims to apply for getting financial donations that have been made. A toll-free hot-line has been established at 1-866-GET-INFO. Or a family assistance center will open tomorrow morning at the Firth Reformed Church, 603 Russell Street in Firth where financial help can also be requested.