Town of Sutton begins surveying storm damage

Posted by: Dan Messineo,

Families in multiple towns this morning begin to assess severe damage from a monster storm that ripped through the south–central part of the state.

When Sutton residents came up from their basements on Sunday, destruction is what they saw.

On Main Street, huge piles of tin blocked store fronts and wrapped around buildings.

In neighborhoods, you can see huge tree branches snapped in two, falling onto cars.

Officials say a monster storm left parts of the city in pieces.

“One of my spotters reported a tornado on the ground and at that point we blew the sirens here in town,” said Allan Quail with Sutton emergency management.

Sutton officials say one or two funnel clouds were spotted on the ground near Sutton.

Sutton is still in the dark after multiple power lines snapped in two.

The brutal winds blew trees over in Larry Nelson’s neighborhood, one smashing his car.

“The wind and the hail started to hit the house and we have a couple of windows we can peek out through.  It was clear for a minute and the next thing we had a tree over one of them,” said nelson.

Emergency officials say it’s not yet clear what swept through town on Sunday afternoon, they say it could have been a tornado or straight line winds that caused the destruction.

The good news, officials say everyone is accounted for in Sutton, and there are no major injuries.

Sutton officials say they’re waiting on word from the National Weather Service to confirm whether or not a tornado moved through Sutton.

They say it could take several days of investigation before getting an answer.