TransCanada pulls Keystone XL Pipeline route application

Posted by: KLKN Newsroom

TransCanada notified the Nebraska Public Service Commission that it is withdrawing its route application for the Keystone XL pipeline through the state.

The company’s spokesman Mark Cooper said TransCanada is pausing to consider its next steps following President Obama’s denial of the permit.

The company filed an application to the commission for route approval of the pipeline through Nebraska in early October.

Since then, the U.S. administration decided to deny the project.

Here is the following statement from TransCanada:

"As we carefully consider our options with regards to the project, we have withdrawn our application to the PSC. We believe it is inappropriate to ask the Commission to continue to move forward on a process that has legally set time lines, while we continue to consider our next course of action.  

Since receiving the federal denial we have received continued support of shippers, labor organizations, landowners, government leaders, and other stakeholders interested in this project.

Although we are withdrawing the application at this time, we are reserving the right to reapply to the PSC at a later date and remain committed to completing the final leg of the Keystone Pipeline system, that has already safely delivered over a billion barrels of Canadian and US crude oil to the Midwest and Gulf Coast.  

Keystone XL is the safest way to transport needed oil that will be refined in the United States and used for products we need for our everyday lives. It will allow more North American produced crude oil to displace oil from Venezuela and the Middle East and keep jobs and investment here for American men and women.  

In fact, during construction the project will add more than 42,000 jobs along the full U.S. value chain and contribute $3.4 billion to the U.S. economy."