Treasurer Gives Back Unclaimed Property

85 million dollars.  That's the amount of money in unclaimed property State Treasurer Shane Osborn says is sitting on Nebraska's books.

And it belongs to you. It could be an old paycheck a forgotten bank account, old stock dividends.

When you don't collect you're valuables they go to a little place in the Treasurer's office called unclaimed property.

There, over 250,000 Nebraskans have money they don't know about.

Wednesday State Treasurer Shane Osborn went door-to-door to hand-deliver the good news.  A check for $19,000, sadly, this man will just have to wait.

But for Scott Delgado, asurprise at work.

It turns out he had an old uncollected insurance claim and now a new small fortune.

And there's more where that came from.  Over the last two days Osborn says he's handed out more than half a million dollars in checks.

The treasurer says most are skeptical but if you get a letter from his office you'd be wise to respond.

Now not everyone should expect a huge payday, in fact, most amounts are small.  But like over 250,000 people have money, Osborn if it's not you it's probably someone you know.

If you would like to find out if you have any long lost cash you can get more information by logging onto or calling 471-2455.