Treasurer Investigation Continues

There's a new twist into the investigation of possible wrongdoing by State Treasurer Loralee Byrd. She is being investigated for writing 300,000 dollars in checks and keeping them in her vault for weeks until canceling them. She says she wrote the checks for a backup, in case a new accounting system failed. Now, this latest twist, has to do with a letter sent by Deputy State Treasurer Mary Brock. Brock sent a letter last month to Governor Mike Johanns suggesting he curtail the investigation of her boss. The anonymous letter, which Channel-8 News has obtained, was sent September 16th. Brock has admitted to State Patrol investigators that she sent it. In the letter, Brock criticized Lori McClurg, a Johanns appointee who heads the Department of Administrative Services. It says McClurg knew that the state's new accounting system had potential problems and did nothing about it. Brock suggested that Johanns fire McClurg to deflect public attention from the probe of alleged financial irregularities by Byrd. Tonight, the Governor told Channel 8 the letter was out of line. The Governor said he turned the letter over to Attorney General John Bruning, and did not want to interfere with the investigation.