Treasurer’s Office to Auction Off Unclaimed Property

By: Rachael Witter

There's nearly 300 items gone unclaimed that will be up for grabs next week, and it's all part of Nebraska state law. 
Coins, jewelry, pocket watches…just a few of the items not claimed by Nebraskans for years. Banks and other organizations are required to turn over abandoned or unclaimed items after long periods of inactivity. The state treasurer's office attempts to find rightful owners, but sometimes isn't successful. 
“To try and locate owners we try to do a number or things. We send notices to the last known address within 90 days of receiving the property. That is a legal requirement for us, statute requires that.” said State Treasurer Don Stenberg.
Every 5 years, the state is required to have an auction of items that haven't been claimed after multiple attempts to find the owner, there will be one held next week. 
“We want everyone to understand the money raised from the sale of each item in this auction will be held for the owner or rightful heir of the property.” said Stenberg.
The auction will be held on Ebay starting next Monday and runs for a week. Anyone can bid on items from baseball cards to antique jewelry, items that have been appraised from 2 dollars to 950 dollars. The treasurer's office would like to have all these items claimed, but just doesn't have to storage space to keep them indefinitely. 
“We'd like nothing better than to see these owners or the heirs of the owners but we do not have storage space to keep all these items indefinitely. As I mentioned, Nebraska law does require us to hold an auction of these items at least every 5 years.”
Again, the auction opens on Ebay next Monday and runs for a week, you can also check to see if you have unclaimed property on the state treasurer's website.