TSA Announces New Regulations

Over the past few years a lot has changed before you board a plane.  Your toiletries need to be in a bag, your water can't go through security, and before you pass through the detector you have to take off your shoes.

Now there's a new regulation and it's cracking down on your name.  It's getting the same response from many travelers.

“I hadn't heard about it yet,” said one traveler.

But now they know it's time to be more careful.

“I know my father doesn't use his whole middle name he just uses an initial,” said Elizabeth Mangiaterra of Las Vegas.

That initial could be the reason some people miss their flight.  Starting next Friday, the TSA will require the name on your boarding pass to match the exact name on the ID you use at the airport.  So if your middle initial is on your passport, you need to make sure it's on your ticket.

Something one travel agent said is easier said than done.

“The airline systems that most people use, most travel agents use around the world, the GDS systems…we don't have any place to put the middle name or a middle initial it runs everything together,” said Michael Bennett of Adventure Travel.

So following the rule may be more difficult than just opening your wallet.  But for now, one man said he'll still do his best to follow the rules.

“I'm not sure what my name is on my ID but I would just try to cooperate and comply with the new rule,” said Barry Burns or Arkansas.

The TSA does say they'll be a little lax when they first start enforcing this rule next Friday, so you should be fine if you've already booked a ticket.