Twins born on the side of the road

Posted By: Megan Conway

February 5th will be a day the Clark family talks about for a long time. Thursday morning, they welcomed their first children into the world in the least likeliest of places.

Deputies were called to the area of Highway 77 and Saltillo Road at just after 6 Thursday morning. Police say Laura Clark, who was expecting twins, told her husband Kevin, he better call 911 because one baby was already born. The Clarks were on their way to Bryan East from Barnes, Kansas, which is about 30 minutes south of Beatrice, but they didn’t quite make it to the hospital.

“She was having some pain and issues and she called their nurse and they just advised them to come up to Bryan East to be checked out, and prior to arriving the babies were born,” says Cpt. Ben Houchin of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Along with Southwest Fire, Hickman and LFR, one of the three Deputies that responded to the call was Deputy Barry Barnett. He says he couldn’t hardly believe what was happening. One update he received was that the babies weren’t breathing so they were very worried. He says the cold weather was also a concern.

“I had to hold my latex gloves in my hands to keep them warm because they’d freeze the minute I got there,” says Barnett.

When Barnett arrived, he found both babies already born.

“Then, I remember seeing the two small babies and just thinking how small they were. I remember just trying to rub their chests to stimulate them and they both moved and gasped for air and my heart was in my throat at that time,” says Barnett.

Barnett says being a father and having children of his own was a help. He says the other two Deputies at the scene also recently had children. 
They were just all glad for a happy ending.

The twins, who are 3 months premature, are a boy and a girl. We don’t know their names yet, but parents and babies are both said to be fine after their eventful morning.