Two Big Busts For Two Lincoln Businesses

Local law enforcement have made two big busts at a couple of Lincoln businesses. Police say they walked away with one-thousand pieces of illegal drug paraphernalia. They were found during an undercover sting. Police say they even confiscated kits for using crack and meth.

The stings happened at Super Exotica and at the Exotic Gift Emporium. Four men face felony charges after police say they sold paraphernalia to undercover cops. Rajinder Kumar, Christopher Pinkelman, Christian Firoz, and Frank Firoz. Police Chief Tom Casady says it's a big victory. Chief Casady and other law enforcement are hoping this time the charges stick. They say they want to make sure paraphernalia like this stays off the streets.

Now the challenge is for attorney's to prove that these items aren't used just for tobacco. That they're also used for illegal drugs. A local deputy county attorney will be working on the case.