Two crashes are scary reminder to watch out for bikes

By: Brittany Paris

With the nice weather, Lincoln bikers are dusting off their spokes. But on Wednesday alone, there were two accidents involving bikes.

The first one happened around 10 a.m. near 11th and K.

Luckily, the biker was not injured. The driver of the car was cited.

The Bike Rack near 33rd and Pioneers says drivers should be aware of bikers.

“It’s called the 3-foot rule. No matter what, always make sure you’re trying to give the bike a good 3 feet and then we can all be on the streets together safely,” Cindy Kugler, Bike Rack, said.

But it’s not always the driver’s fault.

Another crash at Antelope Valley Parkway and Q happened around 3 p.m.

A motorcycle hit a bike. The driver was taken to the hospital, the biker walked away with a scrape.

Police say the motorcycle had the right of way, it was the bicyclist who was at fault.

The experts say they need to follow the rules of the road as well.

“You know, accidents happen in a split second. I say just be extra careful. You know, shame on me for not wearing my helmet today,” Tom Dolan, biker, said.

The Bike Rack says bikers aren’t going to win against a car. Your best defense is a helmet.