Two Five Year Olds Wander Away from School, Parent’s Unaware

Tuesday, two Lincoln kindergartners wandered off school property right before school was to begin. Their parents thought they arrived safely at school but it was hours before they found out the truth.

Everyday, 5-year-old Connor and his friend Coral walk across the street from their daycare to Campbell Elementary school for afternoon kindergarten. Their babysitter watches until they get in line with the rest of their classmates. But Tuesday, Connor an Coral decided to leave the line and walk to Connor's house. They were marked absent from school. But it was over an hour before their parents were called. Mother Angie Hagemann says it was two o'clock when a the school left a message at her home to ask why Connor was absent. But it was another hour before she was called at work. In that time, Connor and Coral had gotten lost and started knocking on doors. Somebody called their principal, who went to pick them up. The Hagemanns say they were furious

LPS Associate Superintendent Marilyn Moore says schools are expected to call parents as quickly as possible when students are absent. And says there was definitely a mistake made. She says they are investigating why it happened, and will take action to make sure it doesn't happen again.