Two Injured After Being Hit by Bowling Balls in I-80

An early morning attack on Interstate 80 near Grand Island could have had much worse results. The weapon? A bowling ball. The State Patrol says someone dropped bowling balls off an overpass onto I-80 traffic. The balls smashed into a van and a semitrailer. A woman and her parents in the van were injured when one of the bowling balls broke through their windshield. The daughter, has serious injuries.

The Nebraska State Patrol says it happened just before 2 o'clock Friday morning. The first ball, shattered the passenger window of the semi-truck. The driver was not injured. But a second ball crashed through the passenger side of the van hitting 30-year Michelle Wing in the face. It shattered her jaw. Carol Wing was also injured. She required stitches to her head and face. Dennis Wing was not injured. The couple had just picked-up their daughter from the Omaha airport, so she could attend her grandfather's funeral.

Dennis missed his father's funeral Friday so he could be with Michelle during her afternoon surgery. The Nebraska State Patrol would like your help in finding whoever is responsible. If you have any information, or if you recognize one of those bowling balls you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-422-1494.