Two Lincoln Families Assured Children Survived Tsunami

As of Tuesday night the death-toll from Sunday's tsunami in southern Asia is now believed to be over 50-thousand. That number will no doubt go up. 12 Americans are confirmed dead, many more are unaccounted for.

Despite the devastation in south Asia, two Lincoln families are very relieved. Their loved ones are okay. Tim and Sue Epp of Lincoln are breathing a little easier. They know now their son and his friend are okay, ending a seemingly endless two day wait. After being glued to reports from southeast Asia, the Epp's family finally got the news they so desperately wanted. Their 29 year old son Tim was vacationing in Thailand when the tsunamis hit .and now they know he's okay. “We got an email Tuesday morning saying that he and Justin were unscathed and healthy.”

The email is not only good news for the Epp's, but it's also a relief for Karen Reese, mother of Justin Reese who was in Thailand with Tim. Both men have worked as firefighters for the forest service and both are described as thrill seekers. “Lucky” thrill seekers who escaped an unimaginable disaster unharmed.