Two Men caught after an apartment break in

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

Two men were arrested Wednesday afternoon, police believe they broke into a unit at the Garden Brooke Apartments, off 13th and Arapahoe.

Lincoln Police were called to the complex around 1:30 after neighbors heard glass breaking and saw what looked like a break in.

Witnesses saw two men run off.

Police found one, just to the east in the greenhouse at Oak Creek Plants & Flowers.

Brandi Naranjo is the employee who spotted him, “We walked through there and he was hiding against the greenhouse behind a big tree thinking that nobody could see him from the front.  But the greenhouse is plastic so you just see a body laying there so, it was a give away where he was.”

The second man was found near 19th and Lake Street after someone called 911 about a man running through backyards.

It’s unknown if the two men had gotten away with anything.  They broke two of the units windows.