Two more homes hit by lightning

Posted By: Megan Conway

Three homes in Lincoln have been struck by lightning in the last two days.

Wednesday morning a family was left without a home after it was started on fire by a lightning strike. Luckily the neighbor alerted them and they got out safely. Thursday morning, two more houses were hit. Lincoln Fire and Rescue says the first didn’t suffer much damage, but the second started on fire.

“We showed up and it looked like there was an exposed wire, so we got the power shut off and a very, very small smoldering fire. They did the right thing calling right away instead of waiting,” Cpt. Mark Heithoff, Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

Thankfully, there were no injuries in this case either, but what can you do to help prevent your home from the same fate?

“Lightning is one of the only forces of nature where reliable and inexpensive protection is available. What the lightning rods do is give the lightning bolt a place to attach and go to the ground,” says Tyler Baumert, president of AC Lightning Protection.

Baumert says the rods are at least 10 inches tall, made of aluminum or copper and 20 feet apart. An average system costs between $2,500–$5,500, but could make the difference in saving your home.

“A home is a huge investment and the home is your safe haven in a storm. By putting lightning protection on that house, you’re helping ensure the safety of everyone inside,” says Baumert.

Baumert also warns of scams that can be common with lightning rod installation. He says always check their certification and have a third party inspect the work done. Remember if you can hear thunder, a storm is within 15 miles of you and lightning can strike 10 miles ahead of a storm. Baumert’s company’s motto is ‘When thunder roars, get indoors.’ Lightning safety week is June 21-27.