Two new businesses blossoming in Railyard

By: Lauren Fabrizi

In the last year, the West Haymarket has seen the addition of nearly 15 new businesses that make up the Railyard, Now, two more are being added to the list.

One of those is Rocket Fizz, a novelty candy and pop shop, that recently moved locations from south Lincoln.

“I like the crowd, everyone’s down here to check it out, have fun,” employee Kiefer Watson said. “Most people that come in are in a good mood, and they want to chat and check out some stuff.”

Watson said since they’ve relocated, they’ve seen about a 50 percent increase in business. In fact, during the monster truck races, Watson said they did as much business in one weekend as they did in all of 2013.

But they’re not the only new kids on the block.

Longwell’s specializes in barbeque and burgers, and has 196 beers on tap to choose from. Those in charge said they’ve seen a good crowd since they opened the night before the spring game.

“I think if all the businesses work together and we perform and execute well, I think it’ll do nothing but create more business in the future,” Kevin Drought, one of the operating partners, said.

With this being the first spring for all the businesses, Tessa Warner of the Railyard said she has nothing but a positive outlook for the first full season.

And with spring fever starting to set in, many Railyard goers seem to agree.

“This place is great,” Barry Urtel said. “It’s like my bike has a magnetic attraction.”

“I’m looking forward to what they do next down here,” Richard Roder added. “It’s really cool and everybody loves it, and you hear nothing but good things.”