Two New Faces at Camp

The Nebraska football team held its third straight day of preseason workouts Saturday afternoon with a two and one-half hour practice in half pads on the grass fields northeast of Memorial Stadium. Saturday marked the first day NU players wore shoulder pads during drills.

Husker newcomers earned their first taste of NU’s one-on-one drill during the practice, but Head Coach Bill Callahan said that it is important to keep the younger players matched up against one another in the early days of camp.

“It’s important that we give them confidence,” Callahan said. “It’s important that we match them up with their peers so that they’re not overmatched. It’s so easy to lose your confidence if you get matched up against a senior or junior that knows what he’s doing, so we gradually work through the process and progress. We are kind of spoon-feeding them in that process, and then we will eventually cut them loose and get them matched up against the big boys.”

Three players, Cory Ross, Cortney Grixby and Dontrell Moore, wore yellow jerseys on Saturday, and idea devised by the coaching staff to allow players to be recognized for their daily efforts in practice. Ross was the lone repeat holdover from Friday’s workout who was sporting yellow on Saturday.

“We’re taking more pride in our practice performance (this year),” Callahan said. “We are awarding a special teams, offense and defensive player with a jersey (each day).”

Callahan also announced that Leon Jackson and Justin Tomerlin, two of the five NU newcomers waiting for a participation release from the NCAA, finally hit the field on Saturday. The two were not allowed to practice in pads, though, as the NCAA requires a two-day acclimation for each player after he officially begins fall camp.