Mayor Beutler discusses 2 new roundabouts near Memorial Stadium

By: Kelly Sommariva

On August 13th, you'll get the chance to try out Lincoln's newest two–lane roundabouts on the Salt Creek Roadway. The nearly $3 million project is a big part of the West Haymarket expansion. Mayor Chris Beutler says, “These 2 particular roundabouts are at a key location, of course, next to Memorial Stadium and on what will be one of the major routes to the new Haymarket arena.”

These will be the city's 25th and 26th roundabouts. Public Safety Director Tom Casady says he was skeptical at first, seeing how much traffic passes through, but after looking at how other roundabouts have performed, he feels it's the right move. He says, “From a safety standpoint, and that's what my chief concern is, roundabouts in Lincoln have been incredibly successful.” Casady says they are self sustaining and that will cut down on the need for traffic enforcement officers.

The 2 new multi–lane roundabouts will get their first test on September 3rd, when the Huskers host their first home game at Memorial Stadium. Of course, some drivers are worried. Jerod Blayney says the traffic on football Saturdays will certainly cause confusion. “It's been my own experience after gamedays, it's hard enough to get out of here. I just, I know the idea of a roundabout is traffic is supposed to slow down, but keep moving, but with it being so new, I just, I don't think it's going to work.”

Mayor Beutler wants you to get comfortable with how they work, so the city has set up a roundabout simulation on its website. You can find that at by searching for the keyword “roundabout.”