Two Soldiers With Ties To Nebraska Killed

  An Omaha national guardsman died in Iraq over the weekend, according to his family. Thirty-three year old Germaine Debro was killed in a roadside bombing.  Debro was a specialist with a National Guard Unit out of Fremont. 

   He attended Benson High School in Omaha for a year, but graduated from high school in Arkansas in 1991. He joined the army in 1994. His mother, Priscilla Debro, says her son went to Iraq so other men with families could stay home.  Debro was not married and did not have children.     

  A former Nebraska track star was killed Monday in Afghanistan while serving with the Canadian military.  That's according to school reports and Canadian news sources. Thirty-three year old Mark Graham died when two NATO warplanes mistakenly fired on a Canadian platoon during a NATO-led anti-taliban operation, NATO said in a statement.  

  Five other soldiers were seriously injured in the incident. An investigation has been launched.      Before he came to Nebraska, Graham was a member of Canada's 1992 summer Olympics relay team before coming to Nebraska in 1993.     

   At Nebraska, he earned two all-America honors at the NCAA indoor championships. Graham followed transferred to Kent state after the 1995 season.