Two teens arrested after attempted burglary

By:Dan Messineo

It has happened again, another attempted burglary in Lincoln.  Police bust a couple of would-be jewelry thieves caught in the act of breaking into Jim Powell Diamonds.  

Police say they arrested the two burglars after a brief chase.  18-year-old Cole Boeckman, and a 14-years-old were arrested.  Police say the pair are cousins.

The call came in a little before 3 am Thursday.  Police say when officers got to the scene, they saw two people running from the back door of the jewelry store.  

Police caught one of the burglars after chasing him down.  Officers brought in a dog to find the other.  Police say he was hiding and ran for it when the dog got close to him.  Officers quickly caught up and arrested him. 

Police say a couple of hammers and a pry bar the burglars used for the attempted burglary were stolen from a garage nearby.  

One of the teens, 18-year-old Cole Boeckman, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his forehead.  The teens didn't make it away with any jewelry and the stolen property from the garage was recovered.