U-N-L Faculty and Staff May Not Be Seeing Their Yearly Raises For A While

The University has to find a place to cut nine-million dollars. Some feel putting off raises will help get cash flow in order and prevent lay-offs. It's a tough decision, and U-N-L Chancellor Harvey Perlman has to have a decision by Tuesday.

Pay raises were to go into effect July 1st, and because there's no way to meet that timeline Perlman says the university might as well put the raises on hold.. Since Chancellor Perlman hasn't made the announcement, no one knows exactly what the conditions will be. If the pay raises, which total about 3 and a half million dollars for the next year, are delayed U-N-L workers would still get that extra money. It will just take a little longer. Again, Chancellor Perlman is expected to announce his decision some time Tuesday.