Unemployment rate drops, more job opportunities available

A little bit of good news when it comes to the state's unemployment rate.  It went down for the month of July.

At Workforce Development in Lincoln with people like Larry Turner looking for jobs.  Turner says, “there seems to be quite a few jobs out there.  There are a lot of people looking, a lot of the good jobs.”

There are jobs out there, according to Commissioner of Labor Catherine Lang, and the unemployment rate reflects that a bit.  For the month of July, it went down by 2 tenths of percent, to 4.7%.  The national average is 9.5%.

But Lang says these numbers need to be put into perspective.  “Our rate is really low compared to other states.  We certainly are in a great position, we need to remember among our fellow citizens, we have twice as many that are unemployed.”

The 4.7% is the lowest rate Nebraska has seen since January, so there has been some job growth.  There are three private industry sectors, professional and business services, mining, logging and construction and then other services.

Lang says, “I think we've been through the hardest part.  What we're all hoping for is a continued recovery.  I don't think we can anticipate its going to be dramatic, but slow and steady.”

Turner is hopeful the worst is over, too, and says he plans to keep chugging along with the job search.  “I'm trying for what I want now but might end up taking a lesser job and hopefully something better comes along.”