Unemployment Rates Drop Nationally

By: Sabrina Ahmed

News today that the nation's unemployment rate dipped to 7.8 percent last month.

It' the lowest in nearly four years.  While this is good news, there are still people looking for work.

Nebraska always fares better than most other states for unemployment.  Throughout the recession, Nebraska's unemployment rate remained low, never straying too far from four percent.

Nationally, not so great. But today, the Bureau of Labor announced a 7.8 percent rate, the first time in four years to be lower than eight percent.

Officials have said, in the past, the lower rates were due to people just giving up on looking for jobs.

This time around, there has actually been a considerable increase in employment. The country added 114,000 jobs in September. That's after the 86,000 in July and August.

And things are looking up locally too!

“The City of Lincoln has been in an enviable position compared to the nation and a lot of the rest of Nebraska. They have one of the lowest unemployment rates.”

Officials say the 3.3 percent unemployment in Lincoln is mainly natural churn that allows people to move in and out of jobs. If it gets too much lower, there wouldn't be room for growth.

Even with the rate so low, some living in Lincoln are still having a hard time.

“I filed for unemployment they told me I wouldn't get it till November 10th.  By then I'll probably be living out of my car at that point,” Bianca Murton said.

Murton said she has been unemployed for two months.  She will take any job she can get, but no matter how many applications she fills out, nothing is coming through.

“There's a lot of people like me that are out there right now that have had unfortunate career changes they couldn't control because of the economy—and they can't even get positions at a fast food place,” Murton said. 

The state has put together a web site called NEWorks. 

It's a system that connects employers to potential employees.  Their goal is to someday have every job opening in Nebraska on that site.