Union College students to aid relief efforts

With all of the death and destruction from Wednesday's tornadoes, a group of Union College students aren't wasting any time in lending a helping hand.

They're a group of seven students and three staffers who are looking to make a difference in the lives of those affected by Wednesday's massive tornado outbreaks.  They left Thursday night for Birmingham, Alabama.

The group has responded to other disaster relief efforts in the past and there's no shortage of help they're willing to provide.  Aaron Kent is on the Disaster Relief Team and says, “Our main goal in this situation is going to be to support the organization we're responding with.  It's called Axe World Relief and we'll be delivering meals to victims of the tornado.”

Close to 300 people lost their lives in six states by one of the deadliest string of tornados to hit the south in decades.   About 200 of those killed were in Alabama and hundreds more were injured.

Members of this group say they're looking forward to help in all ways possible.  Brittany Nunez is also on the Disaster Relief Team and says, “listening to their stories and talking to them and helping them solve their problems for today, will make a greater effect later on.”

The group is planning to be back in Lincoln in one week.