Union Rally at Capitol

A cold day at the Capitol heated up quickly.

Tami Tielsort says “this is not going without a fight.” 

 It started with more than 300 people on the steps of the Capitol rallying for union rights it comes after a situation in Wisconsin where lawmakers introduced a bill that would limit the bargaining rights of union employees, now Nebraskans are seeing similar bills.

Sean Coder says “collectively bargain..it's not a fancy word. It's a term that basically identifies that people can negotiate there wages and there working conditions and I support that.”

What they don't support a bill introduced in Nebraska that would give the state more control of the Nebraska commission of industrial relations.  A group called in to settle contract disputes between labor unions and the government agency that employees those workers.

Shelli Dawdy says “on one side its about union rights…on the other side taxpayer rights.  We're talking collective bargaining and we want to have the taxpayer represented at that collective bargaining table in the same way as unions and politicians and we don't feel we are at this point.”

Grassroots Nebraska organized the counter rally.  Who say for them its not an issue with unions negotiating with companies, its about unions negotiating with the government. Though views differed.  A common theme among both groups was the American dream.

Bob Bennie says “the American dream is freedom and everybody having an equal opportunity to do the best they can for themselves.”