University of Nebraska enrollment up

By: Jenn Schanz 

University of Nebraska campuses are a little busier this fall. 

Especially UNL’s.

“Were super excited about this new freshman class. We feel very confident and very comfortable with the direction we’re going,” says UNL Director of Admissions Amber Williams. 

According to a recent report, enrollment at UNL is up by 2.3 percent. For first time Freshman, it’s p 2.2 percent.

All NU campuses have grown this year, bringing the University to it’s highest enrollment since 1993, more than 51,000.

Williams says several factors have contributed to the jump.

One of them? New perks, like UNL’s Outdoor Adventure Center, with a brand new state–of–the–art climbing wall.

“Since the gym opened up, I mean in the summer time even, we were seeing numbers way greater than what we were experiencing even during the school year, and so now that the school year has started, we’ve been packed,” says UNL Senior Graham Williams of the new center. 

Students voted in favor of adding the center a couple years ago; it’s one of a few new facilities at UNL.

Amber Williams also gives credit to Lincoln‘s development in drawing more students to the University, but says old fashioned word of mouth always works too.

“The students on our campus, with them being successful, them being retained and having lots of opportunities here is very helpful. So these students are really talking about their experiences on campus and that’s helping me to recruit more students,” she says. 

In–state tuition has been frozen for two years, and while out-of-state tuition has risen slightly, this year UN saw an increase in out–of–state students from South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and California.

By 2020, UNL officials hope to have 30,000 students on campus. Right now, there’s just over 25,000.