University of Nebraska Students March on Monday Against Proposed Budget Cuts

The bad news was delivered today by university of Nebraska officials. That bad news is 13-point-seven million dollars worth of proposed cuts to the university system. These are based on a possible 10-percent budget reduction by the Legislature. Here are some of the proposed cuts at U-N-L campus. Eliminate the research divisions of the state museum.. This would take out eight tenured faculty positions and close Mueller planetarium. State funding for the Nebraska forest service would be cut.. Eliminating 11 full-time positions. The marching band would lose nearly 200-thousand dollars. This would be the fourth round of cuts for the University of Nebraska.

Today, students from all four University of Nebraska Campuses marched to the Capital to protest these budget cuts. Students talked with senators one on one.. All in hopes of finding a happy medium. They chose to march and voice their concerns on Monday, before U-N-L officials presented their budget-cutting proposals to the legislature.