University Professor Earns Award

It's a honor not only for Dr. Dean Sicking but also for the University of Nebraska.

Dr. Sicking is being recognized for a lifetime of achievement.

But most recently two inventions that are quite literally saving lives.

Today UNL professor Dean Sicking was awarded the National Medal of technology

Making him, as President Bush put it….one of the nation's most gifted americans.

His colleagues couldn't be more proud.

Sicking holds some 25 different patents, but perhaps his most noteable invention is the safer

barrier, a steel and foam reducing barrier installed in racetracks around the country

It could prevent a repeat of tragic deaths like that of nascar superstar Dale Earnhardt.

Colleagues describe Sicking as a genius whose work has not only impacted the field of racing

but made your road travel safer as well.

Dr. Sicking was the first to develop shock absorbing guard rail end terminals, similar to the safer

barrier that work by absorbing impact and dissipating energy.

Sicking was among 16 other honorees. Sicking has been with the university since 1991.


Every year he conducts about 2 million dollars in research.