UNL adds inclusive locker room at City Rec Center

Posted By: Nicole Cousins


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s City Recreation Center has added an inclusive locker room to the facility.

The 529 square foot, $100,000 space is complete with lockers and two private bathrooms that include a sink, toilet and shower.

"For us, our kind of theme is no barriers to participation,” Christopher Dulak with campus recreation said. “There should be no reason someone shouldn’t be comfortable coming into the facility.”

Campus Rec worked with the LGBTQA+ community on the project, then took it one step further.

"We’re looking at individuals that you know families that have small children. Individuals that are elderly and need extra care or extra space. Or people with a medical issue that may need some space of their own."

This locker room is different from most others, starting when you walk in.

There’s no door, and when you get inside, one wall is full of lockers. The other has private entrances to two bathrooms, that include showers.

"The idea is that they will have a space out here to grab their things from the locker, go into one of the two locked rooms that have a shower and sinks and an area for them to change. When they’re done with the space they can come out."

The locker room is the newest of three inclusive locker rooms UNL campuses have to offer.

 The first one opened in 2014 at the Outdoor Adventures Center.

Another was included on East Campus in 2015 when the Rec and Wellness Center was built.

The University’s website lists this newest addition as one of 21 gender neutral facilities on main campus.

Campus Rec said it’s more than including the LGBTQA+ community.

It’s about including everyone.

The University says it wants to continue to promote a healthy lifestyle in all of its students.

This locker room is just one way of doing that.