Watch party for students hosted by UNL

By: Kayla Bremer

Even though the Huskers played in Ohio tonight, Memorial Stadium was still alive with excited fans.

The lights were on, people were filing into the stadium and footballs were being tossed on the field…but not by the Nebraska football team.

This time it was the fans that had the chance to be on the 50–yard line looking up at one of the landmarks of Lincoln.

“I think it's a lot of fun,” UNL Junior Andrew Kousgaard said.  “It's a great thing because anybody who's a big Husker football fan like me…just basically this stadium is like Mecca.”

Campus Nightlife is a student organization that puts on the watch party every year.  They provide an alcohol–free environment for students and staff to get down on the field and watch the game on the big screen.

“Like I said most people don't get a chance to come down on the field and experience this under the lights down on the field…it's kind of crazy,” Campus Nightlife Member Tyson Nickerson said.

Hundreds of students braved the cold weather to come see their team take on the Buckeyes.  Fans were excited about the game and were cheering out as if it were right here at home.

“The fans are pumped up,” UNL Junior Vincent Chevy said.  “They're running up and down the field, there's excitement, people tossing around footballs…it's great.  It's a great atmosphere right here, right now.”

“I love it!  It's cool to be where they play…being on the field,” Students Kelli Kuntz and Amanda Fevurly added.  “It's also fun to like still have the sense of unity of the school while the teams even away.”

Fans say even though it was cold tonight, being on the field and experiencing the tunnelwalk like a Husker made it all worth it.