UNL Chancellor speaks at Face the Chamber

Posted by: Abigail Wood


UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green’s speech to the chamber of commerce Wednesday was mostly full of good news. He says UNL is doing well. In fact, it broke it’s all-time enrollment record this year by 650 students. Green quoted the late Sam Foltz’ famous phrase when talking about the future.

"We’re going to work exceptionally hard to build this university to the next level, and we are dreaming really big," he said.

There are some challenges facing that growth, such as increasingly high tuition costs.

"So we’re looking at ways that we can make sure we keep that cost controlled," he said.

One way: the college is going to try to push students to graduate in just four years, rather than dragging out their studies at a high expense. But even there, the chancellor thinks UNL is doing pretty well.

"We still are very happy that we are one of the most affordable institutions of higher education nationally," Green said. "If you look at us in the Big 10, you can do an undergraduate education or a graduate education at UNL more affordably than almost any other Big 10 school."

The college employs about 6500 people. That, coupled with the roughly 26,000 students it brings to Lincoln, means it’s pouring around two billion dollars into our economy every year. Green also pointed out the expanding campus, for example, the new business school under construction near 14th and Vine.

And an ambitious goal: Green says he thinks within 10 years the school could hit an enrollment goal of 35,000 students.