UNL entomology department awarded $25k

Posted By: Nolan Crane


Students studying entomology at UNL have a reason to be excited. The University of Nebraska interim president is awarding the department $25,000. Here’s Thursday, March twelfths “Excellence in Education.”

When entomology students go to class they spend their time holding and learning about a wide variety of insects. Some are furry, others are smooth, some have 8 legs and others have a lot more. Some of the students hope to see the animal farm expand. The department won $25,000 for being a model in teaching excellence.

“We can just get so many more insects perhaps with all the money,” says Hillary Fischer.

“I’m really excited about this award because I had a fantastic experience. Getting involved with the department of entomology was one of the best decisions of my life, so I’m hoping that the funds will support these programs and help other students have a similar experience,” says Louise Lynch.

“What this really means is recognition for a lot of hard work that everyone in our department has done presently and in the past,” says Tom Weissling.

Since 2000 the entomology department has received more than $10 million in teaching grants. Some of the money helps pay for fun study abroad programs in countries such as Costa Rica.