UNL Illegal Downloads

It's happening again, more UNL students could be sued for downloading illegal music.

Another two dozen UNL students have received notices warning of being sued.

Many students didn't even know about the fines…and they say even if they did, it's not enough to stop them from continuing to download illegal music.

It's quickly become one of the biggest hits on college campuses everywhere. 

The downloading of illegal music and UNL is no exception.

I's happening at such a pace it's forced the recording industry to take extreme measures.

In the last year the industry has handed out letters to hundreds of students across the country who've been caught illegally downloading music.

Warning if they don't pre-settle out of court they run the risk of being sued.

 The cost to pre-settle…3 thousand dollars, a cost several students say falls on deaf ears. 

In this lastest wave of fines, the recording industry has targeted 33 UNL students, bringing the total for the year to 95 and nearly 400 college students across the country.

But some students say the few hundred who've been fined so far isn't enough to stop them.

Of all the students who've received notices from the record industry all have pre-settled out of court.

 For now the recording industry says they plan on continuing to fine students in hopes of detering them.