UNL Minority Enrollment Up

As enrollment continues to grow so does the number of minority students at UNL.

The school released it's annual “Quality Indicators Report” and now students are sounding off on the findings.

UNL leaders have used the quality indicators report for seven years now.

Its purpose is to measure how well they're doing compared to other schools, and in many cases they're doing well.

The report looks at growth in many different categories.

The results, the graduation rate has gone up 17 percent over the past decade, funding for research has reached a new record at more than 105 million dollars.

But what has people talking is the ten percent increase in minority enrollment over the past ten years.

One student says that growth could be because of more and more student groups aimed at minorities coming to campus.

“When you want minority students to come here the first thing they'll want to find is something they can relate to and that's what some of these student organization can do for you,” Senior Kevin Myles said.

To view the UNL Quality Indicators Report log onto www.unl.edu/svcaa/reports