UNL Police increasing security for Friday’s game

Posted By: Sarah Fili


“I think it’s worth waiting an extra two minutes if it means I can walk out of the stadium alive,” UNL student Bruce Claussen said.

It may mean traveling light and opening your coat, but for some safety is just as important as making it to the game on time.

After several major terror attacks internationally, UNL police are following suit when it comes to safety and upping security for Friday’s game.

"We shouldn’t have to wait for something in our country to happen before we react; I think it’s appropriate to take safety as a precaution,” Bruce Claussen, a UNL Student,said.

“They check purses which is great but with everything happening in Paris you find out its pretty accessible to get something in and I just think it’s about time. It’s long awaited.”

Police will have increased security at doors and throughout the stadium and don’t be surprised if they ask you to open your coats and jackets at the gate. They’re also closing two gates, 6 and 8, while gates 1, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 22 are closing at kickoff; instead of staying open through the 3rd quarter. Students on campus understand why.

"Sporting events are a really big target for terrorist attacks and that sort of thing so I’m grateful and surprised that more attacks haven’t been made on sporting events just because there’s so many people there,” Harrison Rood, an advertising major, said.

For UNL student Grace Bullington, she isn’t afraid of increased security.

"With recent events it’s understandable why they want to increase security but it doesn’t make me fear, I’m not scared or fear going to the game or anything,” she said.

The university wants to make sure people know there is no specific threat for Friday’s game, it’s just in response to what’s been going on internationally.

"Rest assured we will have an enhanced presence but we hope husker fans will be relaxed and focused on the action on the field, which will be a husker win!" Steve Smith, with UNL Communications, said.

Again, if you’re going to the game, give yourself extra time, if you can, leave any bags at home, and don’t be shocked if security wants to look inside your coats and jackets.