UNL program to tell Lincoln refugees’ stories

By: Newsroom

Lincoln, Neb. (AP) – University of Nebraska-Lincoln historians are hoping to preserve the story of Lincoln's refugee communities through its two-day History Harvest event.
The university's Department of History has organized the event, to be held Sunday afternoon at Lincoln's College View Seventh-day Adventist Church and Thursday evening at the Center for People in Need in Lincoln.
Historians are asking refugees to share their stories, the culture of their home country and their experiences as a refugee. They're asked to bring their photos, documents, letters, heirlooms, traditional clothing or other items that helps tell their story. UNL won't keep any of the artifacts.
Since the 1980s, Lincoln has become home to thousands of refugees _ people displaced by war, famine or fears of political reprisal. They include Iraqis, Sudanese, Somalis and Vietnamese.