Vote to bring ESPN GameDay to Lincoln

By: Megan Palera

So far.. Nebraska is at the top of the list  in votes to bring ESPN's College GameDay to Lincoln.

The last time “College GameDay” came to Memorial Stadium was five years ago, when the Huskers played USC. Now, all you need to do is vote to bring it back and there's one student making sure Nebraska comes out on top.  The contest would bring the GameDay crew to UNL this summer to tape a commercial.. a commercial for ESPN's popular College GameDay football show.

Meet Jared Stevens, a UNL student and avid Husker sports blogger. His mission this week, other than get through finals, is get “College GameDay” back to Lincoln. “We noticed NC State had over 500,000 votes, obviously something was going on,” he says.

Turns out, North Carolina State and Texas A&M found out a way to cheat the system and inflate the numbers to get a College GameDay filmed on their campus.

The competition originally began last Monday with Nebraska in the lead, until the cheating began. Now ESPN is rolling the tally sheets back to zero, and Stevens is confident the Big Red will come out on top.

“Nebraska traditionally has been pretty good in dominating online polls. I'd say we're a pretty crazed fan base, pretty dedicated and kind of involved in a lot of social media,” Stevens said.

So while word spreads across the world wide web, Stevens is asking everyone to vote once a day, every day, for ten days starting Tuesday.

His guess is it'll take 500,000 votes to win. That may seem like a lot now, but Lee Corso said it best during College GameDay's last visit to Memorial Stadium in 2007, “There's no place like football in Nebraska, Husker fans are the best.”

Now, those fans have a chance to show the rest of the country what it truly means to bleed Husker red. Voting begins Tuesday at 11 A.M. CST. You can vote from your computer or smart phone, just visit