UNL students return to campus

It's finally move in day at UNL and University officials say it's going to be a packed house!

It was the first day to move in for the majority of dorms on campus, and this year housing officials says there is been a record number of people moving in.

Thousands of parents and students lined the streets of UNL campus, ready to unpack, check in and move into their new home for the school year. 

And this year campus officials are expecting more excitement than ever.  Housing director Doug Zatechka says even with a brand new residents hall that added 500 new rooms.  Pretty much every space has been booked.  A sure sign that this year's enrollment numbers could be going up.

Zatechka says the number of students new and old that are living on campus continues to grow thanks to newly renovated spaces and a tough job market.

“There seems to be a thing that when the economy gets tough and people stop hiring people think I gotta do something.  I'll at least get an education.  That seems to be what's happening now,” says Zatechka. 

Move in continues through the week into the weekend until school starts on Monday.

An official enrollment number won't be available until mid semester.