UNL Students Run for Jack Hoffman

By: Cole Miller

There are probably quite a few kids who are envious of Jack Hoffman. The 6-year-old is buds with Rex Burkhead and he even got to experience the Tunnel Walk with Husker football players. But he's also fighting pediatric brain cancer, and on Wednesday night, Team Jack grew even bigger. 
When you give Rex Burkhead a megaphone, he's bound to pump up a crowd. That's exactly what happened as the Jack-O-Lantern 5k Fun Run took off.

UNL student and Mortar Board member Ian Vosburg helped to organize the run, where all of the benefits go to a name you've probably heard of by now.

“One of my friends, this summer, she wanted to do some sort of 5k, fun run for students on campus, and then we decided we wanted to do it for a charity, so we picked something local that's been on the minds of a lot of UNL students…Team Jack,” Vosburg said.

It's a team that's grown tremendously over the past year, with the help of Husker football players like Rex Burkhead. Jack Hoffman, a 6-year-old boy from Atkinson, Nebraska, is battling pediatric brain cancer. More than 450 students joined the fight Wednesday night, helping to raise nearly $4,300.

Burkhead says he never expected the Team Jack movement to get so big.

“You know, I didn't!” Burkhead said. “It was something so small and then it's turned out huge. It's been an unbelievable experience working with Jack and seeing how this thing has grown.”

While Team Jack grows, there was some more good news. Burkhead announced that Jack's tumor is shrinking. But he knows the fight isn't over. In fact, Jack is in Boston undergoing treatment.

“At the same time, he still has to battle, and we are aware of that but at the same time, it's good news, its good news to hear and we're going to be along with him throughout this journey,” Burkhead said.
Again, all of the proceeds raised tonight will go to the Team Jack Legacy Fund to help raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer.