UNL students welcome peers by using chalk

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton


University of Nebraska–Lincoln students took to the sidewalks to send a special message Friday.

They wanted to let everyone know they’re welcomed by using chalk.

They sketched various quotes, symbols and phrases even in different languages outside the City Campus Union.

Students hope these would create some positive vibes.

"We just kind of wanted to make sure everyone here felt at peace and at home at school today,” UNL Student Stephen Enke said.

"It makes me feel as though just this little act of kindness is making an impact to those who truly need it,” UNL Student Erin Husmann said.

The idea was sparked by UNL’s student involvement office.

Organizers said recently some of their peers have felt marginalized with some of the rhetoric that has been happening in our nation and abroad.

So, they wanted to change that narrative.

The university wanted to give a little reminder of support to people whenever  they looked down while walking around on campus.

"They may not know who, the messages aren’t signed and they may never meet the person that wrote it, but someone cares about you and you may not even know it.,” UNL Student Involvement Director Veronica Riepe said.

Participants said that was the overall purpose.

"I just wanted them that we are all your family, all the students and all the teachers here. We are all your family,” UNL International Student Wanquian Zhou said.

"I think I chose the university just because I felt there was such a diverse community that was well represented on campus and I would hate for those students like they weren’t welcomed,” Husmann said.

The university said it plans to host more events similar to this soon like a rally.