UNL tightens hoverboard policy

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is beefing up its hoverboard policy.

Hoverboards and similar devices won’t be allowed, stored or possessed in any residence hall, dining facility or on-campus apartment.

If you do so, they’ll be confiscated.

This change will begin May 8th.

At first, students just couldn’t ride them inside those areas.

UNL’s housing director said it’s about safety.

"We just determined with safety concerns with a few fires here and there being started with hoverboards. It just made sense not to permit them in the halls at all,” UNL Housing Director Sue Gildersleeve said.

I spoke to some university students about the new rule.

 Here’s what they had to say:

"I completely agree with the university’s decision. I think hoverboards are extremely dangerous,” UNL Student Connor French said.

"They’re mostly pretty indifferent. I don’t actually know anyone who owns one at least not in my building. So, no one I know has had any big issues with them,” UNL Student Michael Klopp said.

UNL said  it’s following suit to many other universities in regards to the device.

It’s important to note the boards aren’t banned from campus entirely.

They can be used outside like on sidewalks and they’re not currently restricted in academic buildings.

"This is something that’s more of a preventative measure that we haven’t had a lot of issues with. We do trust our students to be responsible and safe and for the most part that has been true,” UNL Spokesman Steve Smith said.

The university housing chose to place the restrict after the spring semester to give students a chance to take them home and educate incoming students about  the ban.