UNL Working to Keep Students Safe

Keeping the campus safe.

That's the goal of a program that's been around for several years, but UNL officials are continuing to expand on.

The threat assessment partnership has been around since 2001.

Its goal is to keep everyone in the university community safe.

As it continues to evolve, students are happy the program is there.

It happened at Virginia Tech.

It happened at Northern Illinois.

At UNL they're doing everything they can to prevent it.

Saving lives is one of the main goals of the threat assessment partnership.

It started in 2001, as university officials studied behaviors that could pose a danger to others.

Now, UNL police have teamed up with university departments as well as faculty and students, to teach them about what to lookout for, whether it be talking about suicide or harassing other students.

One month into the school year, officials say they've handled about five cases brought to their attention.

Those are successes that are sometimes hard to measure.

So to get there, they'll be posting signs around campus, using the motto that everyone has power to stay safe. 

UNL police chief Owen Yardley said that other universities, including Virginia Tech as well as the capital police department in Washington D.C. have contacted them for advice in developing similar programs.