UNMC’s Children’s Dental Day

Posted by: Nolan Crane


Earlier Friday students at UNMC’s College of Dentistry here in Lincoln offered free dental work to children in need. More than 100 kids from 16 cities showed up for more than just a check–up. Here’s tonight’s “Excellence in Education” report.

With drills in their hands these dental students did everything from filling cavities, fixing root canals and pulling teeth. The dental care kids from K through 12 grade received would have cost more than $100,000.

The UNMC dentist students worked hard and they did it all for free. They say the kids they worked on weren’t the only ones who benefited.

“It’s great to interact with the kids, you know, see how they work in a dental setting and just have fun,” says Katie Asbjornson.

“I’ve really noticed here in Nebraska they really do take care of their community which I think is a wonderful thing. It really builds strong relationships and bonds with everyone here,” says Greg Nielson.

This was the 14th annual Children’s Dental Day and the teachers say it’s a tradition they don’t plan on ending.