UPDATE: 9 staffers assaulted by inmates at LCC

Posted by: Fahima Paghmani


The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services say the nine staffers were assaulted, by the inmates at Lincoln Correctional Center; on West Van Dorn street.This all happened, when the detainees refused to go back to their cells.

The department of corrections says their immediate priority is to get medical attention to those staffers. Six staffers were transported to the hospital. Three others were taken by the state vehicles. None of their injuries were life–threatening.

Currently, we do not have any word on how many detainees were involved in the altercation.
Dawn-Renee Smith, interim communications director said, "All inmates have returned to their cells the facility is on lock down.. And the state patrol is investigating."
For the next few days it will likely remain on lock down.
"How the inmates respond will determine much of how the facility will managed over the next several days," she adds.