Update: Body of Norfolk Rail Worker Recovered

The body of 38–year–old Jeff Scholl of Norfolk was recovered from the flooded Elkhorn river on Friday and it couldn't have happened without a specialized water rescue team from Lincoln.

For Lincoln's advanced water rescue team being asked to help means a lot, it means helping a community that needs it most and risking their own lives to do it.

“Once we got there seeing that the bridge had collapsed, it was down in the water the body was visible but it was very awkward, it's a long distance back to that bridge,” said mission Battalion Chief Guy Pinkman.

The bridge that collapsed Tuesday afternoon with three rail workers on top. Two of the men made it out of the flooded Elkhorn river alive, 38–year–old Jeff Scholl did not.

But recovering Scholl's body from the raging rapids was something Norfolk fire and rescue was unequipped to do so they called on the help of some Lincoln firefighters.

Seven elite members trained in water rescues that pose problems for the locals.

“There was a lot of entanglements down there including trees, full tree trunks that had to be removed before we could remove the body.” Pinkman said.

It was a task that took nearly 30 people to complete in a little more than 2 hours, but it was time well spent say Lincoln rescuers to bring a family's loved one to their resting place.

“These people are someone's relative, someone's son, someone's father and we know that and it's a sad time for the but we know they want their family member back for closure,” Pinkman said.”