Update: Children in Kennel criminal case

Samantha Eyten

KLKN Newsroom:

The last person to be sentenced in the North Platte kids-in-a-kennel case also has been given probation.

25-year-old Samantha Eyten was given a year of probation when she was sentenced Thursday in Lincoln County Court Thursday. She had pleaded no contest to misdemeanor child abuse and false imprisonment.

Last October police were called to the residence shared by Eyten, her husband, Bryson Eyten, Lacy Beyer and Ashly Clark. Officers found Clark's two boys were sleeping in a wired-shut kennel inside the filthy trailer home.

Bryson Eyten and Lacy Beyer each were sentenced in June to a year of probation.

Clark was given two years of probation when she was sentenced on July 2.

Courtesy:  KNOP Television