UPDATE: City council chooses not to override mayor’s recycling plan veto

Posted by: Channel 8 Eyewitness News 


The Lincoln City Council voted 7-0  not to override Mayor Chris Beutler’s veto of the revised city recycling plan Monday afternoon. 

Last week, the council passed a revision of it, which included curbside recycling.

However,  it eliminated the ban on corrugated cardboard and paper from the landfill.

The mayor later vetoed that amendment last Thursday.

Lincoln City Council member Jane Raybould said they didn’t override the veto because they want more time to figure out a better solution.

"We hope to work out the kinks and come up with language that people will be able to support," Raybould said.

She said  the community voiced some concerns like about fines. 

Since the council didn’t override the veto, the ordinance is now dead, but it can be re–introduced in the future.

Raybould said a new plan may be introduced this fall.

The mayor said it could even be placed on a ballot.