UPDATE: Hillary Clinton stops by Nebraska on campaign trail

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News



Just a few days after Hillary Clinton accepted her nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention, she made a stop in Omaha’s inner city school, Omaha North Magnet High School, on Monday.

Clinton and Omaha billionaire Warren Buffet came out on stage together and both started by criticizing Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

Buffet said Trump should release his tax statements and he also talked about his recent controversial comments centering around a Muslim couple who lost a son, fighting for the U.S..

“We both haven’t sacrificed anything, but how can you tell parents who lost their son in combat you’re sacrificing something,” said Buffet.

"I agree with Warren that this is the greatest country on earth and our best days are ahead of us,” said Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton spent most of her time on stage focusing on the concerns that are important to Nebraska; not just Omaha’s inner city, but rural towns and farmers as well.

"More jobs at higher wages and diverse economic development for farmers," said Clinton.

Another key topic was the middle class.

Clinton used her introducer, Warren Buffet, as an example of someone in the upper class who says his secretary should be taxed less than people who take home millions of dollars a year.

"When the middle class thrives, America thrives," said Clinton.

At times, Clinton sounded like her former Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders. Sanders endorsed Clinton at the DNC last week, but she has since embraced several key issues the Sanders campaign stood for. Including free higher education, eradicating student loan debt, and clean sustainable energy.

Clinton said voter turnout is the key for her to win the election and says she’s relying on the second congressional district to help her become the first female president.

Hillary Clinton says if she does win the election she will come back here to Omaha to dance in the streets with the people and her friend Warren Buffett.

Hillary Clinton made a special appearance in Omaha on Monday.

She spoke at Omaha North Magnet High School, and addressed education and infrastructure reform. Clinton also spoke about how hard the great recession hit Nebraska, but how Americans working together have helped the country overcome obstacles. She said her number one priority is to create more jobs with living wages to help balance the nation’s economy.

Tonight at 10, we’ll hear more from Clinton’s speech and hear from people that attended the rally.