UPDATE: Kintner releases statement saying he will not resign

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Senator Bill Kintner has released a statement saying he will not resign from his position.

The statements reads as follows:

Dear Members of the Executive Board:

I am writing in reply to your August 29, 2016 letter which asked me to resign as a member of the Nebraska Legislature effective today. As a courtesy, I am writing to let you know that I will not resign.

I have carefully considered your request. I have listened to, and understand, your concerns. I have also listened to the views of the citizens who I represent in my Legislative District — some of whom oppose me but many of whom have contacted me and have asked me to remain in the Legislature.

As I have openly admitted, I committed a sin. I fully cooperated with two state agencies that investigated this matter. I have paid a $1 ,OOO fine for my misuse of state equipment. I have not tried to hide from my sin.

I fully understand the gravity of my action and how it reflects upon the fact that I carry the title and responsibility of a state senator. I have taken personal responsibility for my action. I have apologized to God, to my wife, to you, and to my constituents.

I do not appreciate those who have portrayed me as stubborn, defiant, or unrepentant. Instead, I have been humbled by my action.

I was elected in 2012 and again in 2014 by the voters of Legislative District 2. I was elected two times in three years being very clear about my goals and values.

Those who opposed me in both of these elections continue to clamor for my resignation. They continue to clamor for you to take action against me.

I encourage you to honor and respect the decision of the majority voters of Legislative District 2 as you continue to consider this matter.

Bill Kintner District 2


This comes after receiving a from a letter signed by all of the Executive Board members asking him to resign by Friday September 2nd.

The Executive Board of the Legislature Committee met Monday to decide further action against Senator Kintner after the controversy regarding his cyber sex scandal became public. 

They have stated that alternative actions will be taken if Kintner refuses to step down.


Senator Bill Kintner was interviewed exclusively this evening by our radio partners 1400 KLIN.

He had this to say after Monday’s Executive Board meeting.

"There’s several people on the executive board that desperately want to get rid of me and this is a great opportunity for them to do it. That’s my take on what I saw going on, from some of the members of the committee."

Kintner says he’s supposed to receive the letter from the committee Tuesday and when asked if this letter will make him resign?

"I don’t know about the letter, but you know, I’ve always said that I’m not going to make a political decision on this. I will do what I said earlier, I will talk with my wife, I will pray with my wife, and we’ll try to come up with what we believe is the right thing to do."


Senator Kintner released a statement to the media today. 

“I am going to wait to comment on the expected letter from the Executive Board until after I have received the letter and read it,” said Kintner. 


Posted By: Rachel Hofstra


The Executive Board of the Legislature Committee met Monday to decide further action against Senator Kintner.

Kintner is still in the middle of the controversy regarding his cyber sex scandal.

The committee’s unanimous decision was to send Senator Kintner a letter signed by all board members asking him to resign by Friday September 2nd. If that doesn’t happen, they say alternative actions will be taken.

"We also discussed sanctions and options for where to go from here, should the senator decide not to resigned. I am encouraging him this doesn’t have to go any further than right now. He has ten of his colleagues asking him again for his resignation," said Senator Bob Krist of Omaha.

Impeachment, expulsion, and sanctions are three possibilities Kintner may face.

The 9 to 0 vote gives Sen. Kintner one last chance to do what many of his colleagues have been suggesting or demanding.

"Do the right thing, resign, and no more sanctions; no more discussion about the issue," said Krist.

If necessary, alternative actions will be discussed and decided on September 8th, and the committee will go from there.

They also talked about increasing cyber awareness and security.

"We can see what’s on the computers and take necessary action to make sure that there isn’t anymore poor behavior such is this that will continue," said Krist.

Senator Kintner was invited to this meeting and as advised by his lawyer, he did not attend.

"From my own personal perspective I told you all I would have been here," said Krist.

Many senators said they don’t expect Kintner to resign.

And if he doesn’t, they’ll be meeting again Sep. 8th to decide where to go from here.

The Executive Board is meeting about Sen.Bill Kintner’s recent cyber sex scandal. This is a session that was open to the public, and many people have spoken.

Sen. Kintner himself was not present, but his attorney sent a letter to the Legislature’s Executive Board, saying he advised his client not to appear at a public hearing on Monday.

We have a reporter at the meeting and will bring you more details as they become available.