Update: Lawnmower rollover critically injures city employee

A Lincoln city employee was rushed to the hospital after the lawnmower he was riding on rolled over on top of him.

The accident happened around 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon at 56th and Seward. Lincoln Police say 37-year-old Eric Kohles suffered critical injuries. He had injuries on his legs and abdomen.

Police say Kohles was mowing when the lawn mower fell on top of him…sending him into this ditch. Eyewitnesses say it took 6 people to get the mower off of him.

We were dispatched to the area on a report of a city mowing crew on an accident where a mower rolled over on one of the crew members pinning him in the ditch we have since extracted him from the ditch,” Sgt. Don Arp said.

Lincoln police say crews immediately started CPR on him…and that he had cuts to his legs and abdomen. Some of his co–workers say he was using an older 3 wheel mower which can be a bit unstable on those grounds.

He was taken to Bryan LGH west in critical condition…some good news though doctors were able to get his heart beating again.